Hamilton Center Foundation, Inc. strengthens the community by raising awareness of excellence in behavioral health and stewarding resources for lasting support of Hamilton Center, Inc., a regional behavioral health system in central and west central Indiana. We support a community of 12,000, including 4,000 children.

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We support the vision of Hamilton Center, Inc. through strategic gifts for community focused projects that help silence the stigma of behavioral health challenges.

The Challenge

Behavioral health is as important as physical health. It affects our mood and disposition, our physical and spiritual being, and our quality of life. Excellent mental health strengthens our ability to cope with stress, it enhances are creativity, and helps us form strong personal bonds in our everyday lives.

Behavioral health services are in greater demand. More than ever before. Intervening early in a person’s life before a mental health crisis is critical to the safety of the person and the stability of the family. Assuring a strong behavioral health system is essential to a person’s recovery and the overall health of the community.

Lighting The Way

With appropriate treatment, people with mental health stressors can and do recover and/or significantly improve their quality of life. You, your family, your friends and your employer can play a vital role in ensuring quality behavioral health services are available to all, through a gift to the Hamilton Center Foundation, Inc.

Invest for Impact

Last year, the Hamilton Center, Inc. provided over $3 million in charity care. Over 80% of our community reports living below the poverty line, including over 12,000 consumers, 4,000 of which are children. Help us invest for impact. We welcome gifts of every size.

Your donation to the Foundation will help provide quality clinical services, charity care to help those who are unable to pay for services, capital needs and community outreach programs in central and west Indiana.

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Our mission is to strengthen the community by providing consistent and lasting support to Hamilton Center, Inc. as it provides the highest quality behavioral health care and wellness services in Indiana.

Hamilton Center exists to provide quality behavioral healthcare, wellness and human development services to our community. Our vision is to advance excellence in behavioral health services through compassion, customer responsiveness, innovation, and flexibility.

Myth vs. Fact 1


  • Mental health issues do not affect me.


  • Mental health is something that could very well affect you or your loved one.This year, one in five adults will experience a mental health issue.
    An estimated 13-20 percent of children experience a mental health issue.
    Whether you or a loved one suffers from a mental health issue, it is something that affects everyone who is part of the greater community.

Myth vs. Fact 2


  • I can’t help a person with a mental disorder.


  • Many people who suffer from a mental health disorder are heavily influenced by the people around them. Some of the ways you can help someone with a mental health disorder include:Letting that individual know that you are available to help or listen.
    Offering to help them research and get access to treatment.
    Treating that person with love and respect. Refusing to define that person by their diagnosis.

Myth vs. Fact 3


  • Children do not experience mental health issues.


  • Half of the people who suffer from a mental health disorder began showing signs before the age of 14. Some of the most common behavioral health disorders among children include ADHD, anxiety and depression.