Mental health touches us all. Whether we suffer ourselves or through a loved one, mental health’s impact is far reaching. ¬†With quality information and proper treatment, we can tackle the issues directly. Hamilton Center staff and leadership believes in education of the entire community to remove long-held stigmas associated with mental health problems, and to encourage open, honest dialogue about the topic. Mental illness and emotional issues affect so many as shown by these facts and stats:

Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the United States will experience mental illness this year. (National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI.org)

16 million adults in the United States experienced one major depressive episode in 2012. (NAMI.org).

Approximately 18% of adults in the United States experience an anxiety disorder such as post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder or a specific phobia. (NAMI.org).

70%-90% of individuals have significant reduction of symptoms and improved quality of life with a combination pharmacological and psychological treatments and supports. (Hamilton Center, Inc.)

350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. (World Health Organization)

2 out of 5 children who need mental health treatment do not receive it. (Mental Health America)

75% of patients said treatment helped them to gain control over their lives. (Treatment Advocacy Center)

81% of patients said treatment helped them to get well and stay well. (Treatment Advocacy Center)

90% of patients said treatments made them more likely to keep appointments and to take medication. (Treatment Advocacy Center)