Behavioral Health

“Be Well.” Spouses, brothers, sisters, co-workers, neighbors. We are all part of an intertwined social support network. It’s part of being human and living in community. We are naturally inclined to wish good health upon each other. And we seem naturally inclined to advance and push thinking in treating chronic illnesses and illnesses we can easily name, like heart disease.

Behavioral health problems, though. Mental illness. Addiction. While we surely intend a “holistic” wellness upon each other in our daily greetings, mental health is not at the forefront of things we consider and talk about with honesty. Hamilton Center Foundation wants moms, dads, sons, daughters – all of us – to develop that language and to engage in those actions that bring behavioral health out of the shadows.

It’s a focus of the Hamilton Center community and the Foundation which will help support it. So let’s talk behavioral health. Let’s engage with each other in a spirit that feels safe, and emphasizes mutual respect and caring. That’s what we’re here for. For you. For each other. For recovery and improvement. To our mutual better health. 

So, you may ask, what kind of services and programs does the Hamilton Center Foundation fund? That’s a great question. In essence, the foundation serves Hamilton Center in four particular areas of need:

Child and Adolescent Services – Hamilton Center staff assist with ADD, behavioral problems and addiction problems that need attention in the 10-county region.

Awareness and Understanding – Hamilton Center works tirelessly to educate the community and combat negative stereotypes.

Charity Care – A high percentage of Hamilton Center patients live near or below the federal poverty line. Hamilton Center helps serve the most vulnerable in our community.

Continuous Improvement -Hamilton Center builds hope and changes lives through principled, disciplined care plus ongoing training and improvement on the most effective and caring approaches to treatment.

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Lasting Support

Building hope and changing lives. 

There is a community focused on behavioral health. When people think of health, they often naturally think of physical health – doctor visits, thermometers, blood pressure, stethoscopes –  and behavioral health appears in the background, somewhere else. We stand firmly on the ground that it’s every bit as important, and real, and necessary to a healthy life filled with energy, productivity and a sense of being a whole and valued human being.

Mental health is as important as general health. It affects our mood, our disposition, our physical and spiritual being, even our relationships with others. Good mental health strengthens our ability not only to cope with stresses, but also to be creative and connected in our everyday lives. If one person doesn’t receive that opportunity to experience restored or improved mental health, we’ve not yet fulfilled our mission.

Our community recognizes the impact of individual behavioral health on the wider community. It’s because of that recognition that Hamilton Center Foundation seeks to be a beacon of light for the Hamilton Center in its mission of building hope and changing lives. 

“Give light and people will find the way.” – Ella Baker, Human Rights Activist

For more than 40 years, Hamilton Center, Inc.(HCI) has been building hope and changing lives. Dedicated staff provide quality behavioral healthcare, wellness and human development services to the community. It takes a team effort of staff, volunteers and community partnerships to make it all work.

The Hamilton Center Foundation was created to help further that mission and ease the financial burden of HCI. You can help us, providing funds to support proactive intervention and treatment to even the most vulnerable. With the foundation, we can help people with mental health problems find recovery and improved quality of life.

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Education, Outreach and Celebration

Check here for events related to behavioral health, addiction services, healthy communities and Hamilton Center. Plenty of opportunities exist for outreach, education, charitable fundraising opportunities and more.